Monday, 21 June 2010

Juta "one"

Suezir Boxes in Jutawan Magazine June 2010

Hey guys.. can i just say that i love you all? Sorry i haven't been on update this blog for a while.. My life has been a little crazy few months ago.. sorry again.. I might come out with little update for new design soon.. insyallah.. :)

Just so u guys know.. from now on i will only be free on weekend only.. but don't worry, i'll also be making sure that i reply to all your comments & your email :) thank u guys for supporting me always..i hope not too late to let u guys know.. Suezir boxes in Jutawan magazine this month.. :) check it out ya :)

with my handmade pillowcase

Thanks soo much to my sister, Eila & family for supporting me & for the loves one always be by my side before :) im soo appreciate it always dear:)
The most thanks.. Kaksuria & Abg Nizam
for the interview & photo shoot session..

And of course all u guys out there, thanks sooo much for the never ending support me always.. :) muaxx

Things that i thought would be the end of me.. but really have been the beginning of something great in my life :) thank you!!

-Suezir -