Monday, 8 November 2010

Cupcakeland is back!!


Owned by my besfriend's, Hairina, very talented girl..
the cake were superB awesome & delicious!!
so adorable & in luv wit her art works..

Enjoy the pix ya :)


Animal Cupcakes

World AIDS day 2010 for Rumah Solehah

Wedding Cakes

My sis, Eila Wedding cake :) thanks iena...

My close friend's Ayuni Wedding cake..

Beday Cake

My 24th Beday's cake! Green Guitar :)

My classmate friends Ida's ( Rainbow cake)

My best friends Sham ( All Blacks fans)

My close friends beday, Ossie ( Arsenal fans)

Events Cake

Alice in Wonderland theme for Rumah Solehah

World AIDS day 2010 for Rumah Solehah

Graduation Cake


Cookies as Bunga Pahar for Wedding day

As a door gift for wedding day

Baby Shower cookies

Think something special at your next special occasion She cater for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, corporate functions. you gonna luv it so much!!

To order,

Cupcake Land

No.5, Jalan 14/8,
Seksyen 14,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: 019 283 7286

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Update for Nov

Hi everyone~~

finally i cud post something here.. Im sorry kena curi a bit of time
to update this blog.. btw i still can take ur order for the next few months.. insyallah..
for the boxes & pillowcases only...
Please place your order in advance (at least 3 weeks earlier!!)
as I need to adjust my time schedule ya! :)

im really sorry to inform that...
i'm currently not taking any orders for Chocolah chocolate
as my Tiah, choco maker time schedule disallow
her from doing so... :(

insyallah is gonna be new entry soon~

so excited too! but this time,
Me wit my decorator Team.. sort of "The Planner"...
but still figure out the group name..
for timing, may be will focus for the Small Event Decoration..
now, still in process to planned it.. if da btul2 ready baru bole buka the entries

Service yg dicadangkan :
decoration engagement & wedding, cukur jambul, akikah,baby shower, Bridal shower, beday party.. event & party
Candy Bar, Cakes, Desserts cater, Gubahan bunga, hantaran , Doorgift, graphic: Banner, Bunting, card invitation, Photography.

akan di curi time yg lain, to preview some of the decoration works :)
We still new & learn.. so lets share it together ya!

Thank you so much for being so supportive with us! :)


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Baby Shower Party design !!

email :

Monday, 21 June 2010

Juta "one"

Suezir Boxes in Jutawan Magazine June 2010

Hey guys.. can i just say that i love you all? Sorry i haven't been on update this blog for a while.. My life has been a little crazy few months ago.. sorry again.. I might come out with little update for new design soon.. insyallah.. :)

Just so u guys know.. from now on i will only be free on weekend only.. but don't worry, i'll also be making sure that i reply to all your comments & your email :) thank u guys for supporting me always..i hope not too late to let u guys know.. Suezir boxes in Jutawan magazine this month.. :) check it out ya :)

with my handmade pillowcase

Thanks soo much to my sister, Eila & family for supporting me & for the loves one always be by my side before :) im soo appreciate it always dear:)
The most thanks.. Kaksuria & Abg Nizam
for the interview & photo shoot session..

And of course all u guys out there, thanks sooo much for the never ending support me always.. :) muaxx

Things that i thought would be the end of me.. but really have been the beginning of something great in my life :) thank you!!

-Suezir -

Friday, 26 March 2010

The Good new & bad

The good & the Bad :(

the Good News: For 3 months take a gud rest.. its time for me for working life at architect firm.. i juz starting for a week at bangsar.. but kindly start busy da.. so wish me luck ya..

the Bad news im so sorryyyy,
i only can accept order after MAY only... but for only small quantity order.. for hantaran, beday n etc.. no customizes doorgift box ya.. but u have to order a month early.. so i can arrange my time n schedule properly.. :) coz i still wanna help u guys.. coz i still interest to do boxes.. n thank you so much n really appericiate for every customer to support me this few years.. :)

BUT.. for customize PILLOWCASES order..
i still accept your guys order for every month ya.. coz lately sgt2 mendpt sambutan from my client..

p/s: im not using maxis number anymore..
so any further question u guys can email ya :)

Sorry for the inconveniences
Thank you... muaxxx


Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Stock Pillowcase

Pillowcase for your love one..

now available back to order!!

Customized your love ones Name Pillowcase!!

Price :
RM 60 (two name pillowcases)

with packaging in the bottle..

The order
is only valid from
1th -
18th every month
and after that, this will no be available..

grab this items for only request order ..
the Printing for every pillowcase order,
only will print every 20th -30th

for every month.. so please make ur order b4 the date above.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Customize Doorgifts

Customize Doorgifts Request FEB 2010

1) Transparent plastics gold box
Theme : Vday
Box : transperant gold + red ribbon +card

suitable for wedding doorgifts...

Design Request from Aisya

lovely small box with 2pieces of 2 flavors chocolates.

2) Lollipop Chocs

Theme : Vday
Box : pink ribbon
flavor : Chocolate or White Chocolates

Design Request from Aisya

Price : RM 4 (per pieces)

lovely handmade lollipop choc with 2 flavors chocolates.

3) 2 chocolates box

Theme : Vday

Design Request from Aisya

lovely handmade box with 2pieces of 2 flavors chocolates.

4) 4 chocolates box

Theme : Vday
Box : red box + black ribbon

Design Request from Aisya

lovely handmade box with 4 pieces of 2 flavors chocolates.

5) 6 chocolates box

Theme : Vday
Box : red box + pink ribbon

Design Request from Aisya

lovely red handmade box with 6 pieces of 4 flavors chocolates.