Friday, 26 March 2010

The Good new & bad

The good & the Bad :(

the Good News: For 3 months take a gud rest.. its time for me for working life at architect firm.. i juz starting for a week at bangsar.. but kindly start busy da.. so wish me luck ya..

the Bad news im so sorryyyy,
i only can accept order after MAY only... but for only small quantity order.. for hantaran, beday n etc.. no customizes doorgift box ya.. but u have to order a month early.. so i can arrange my time n schedule properly.. :) coz i still wanna help u guys.. coz i still interest to do boxes.. n thank you so much n really appericiate for every customer to support me this few years.. :)

BUT.. for customize PILLOWCASES order..
i still accept your guys order for every month ya.. coz lately sgt2 mendpt sambutan from my client..

p/s: im not using maxis number anymore..
so any further question u guys can email ya :)

Sorry for the inconveniences
Thank you... muaxxx


1 comment:

'Cikgu Padi' said...

wah....sudah keje ka...selamat maju jaya....sorry la nyusahkan ki..hehehehe