Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Update for Nov

Hi everyone~~

finally i cud post something here.. Im sorry kena curi a bit of time
to update this blog.. btw i still can take ur order for the next few months.. insyallah..
for the boxes & pillowcases only...
Please place your order in advance (at least 3 weeks earlier!!)
as I need to adjust my time schedule ya! :)

im really sorry to inform that...
i'm currently not taking any orders for Chocolah chocolate
as my Tiah, choco maker time schedule disallow
her from doing so... :(

insyallah is gonna be new entry soon~

so excited too! but this time,
Me wit my decorator Team.. sort of "The Planner"...
but still figure out the group name..
for timing, may be will focus for the Small Event Decoration..
now, still in process to planned it.. if da btul2 ready baru bole buka the entries

Service yg dicadangkan :
decoration engagement & wedding, cukur jambul, akikah,baby shower, Bridal shower, beday party.. event & party
Candy Bar, Cakes, Desserts cater, Gubahan bunga, hantaran , Doorgift, graphic: Banner, Bunting, card invitation, Photography.

akan di curi time yg lain, to preview some of the decoration works :)
We still new & learn.. so lets share it together ya!

Thank you so much for being so supportive with us! :)


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