Friday, 20 February 2009

Away from 12 march - May 2009

Hi guys... so sorry to say.. but this march,
i only accept order on 2 - 6 march only...
will closed order on
12 march - 12 April 2009
i'll be goin away for my college final project
site visit in Bali on middle of march for a week.. so sorry..
this month i need to focus on my study work...

also on 28 march - 4 april,
i'll only focusing my boxes & chocolah to my next booth event

in Stylo, KL fashion festival event in Lake garden, KL..

Sorry for the inconveniences
Thank you...


1 comment:

dunk said... sooo intrested w ur dsigned chocolah in lovely boxes....i c u r in ur bz zone rite now rite..
but cn i ask u,will u take order back at d end of may...i wanna give this special thing to my beloved...our date is on 20may..